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How to Resolve the Ub Error Code on Your Samsung Washer: 5 Effective Methods

How to Resolve the Ub Error Code on Your Samsung Washer: 5 Effective Methods

Understanding the Ub Error Code on Samsung Washer

The first step towards resolving any issue is understanding it thoroughly. The Ub error code on a Samsung Washer usually indicates an ‘Unbalanced Load Error.’ This error usually crops up when the washing machine detects an irregular distribution of clothes inside the drum, leading to an uneven spin. The washer is designed to balance the load during the spin cycle; however, if the load remains unbalanced, the washing machine will stop and display the Ub error code. This safeguard is put in place to prevent damage to the machine’s motor and drum due to the uneven distribution of weight.

Method 1: Checking the Balance of the Washer

Ensuring the balance of your washing machine can help in resolving the Ub error code. A washer set up on an uneven floor may contribute to unbalanced loads. Confirm that the washing machine is perfectly level on all four sides using a spirit level. If not, adjust the washer’s feet accordingly until it’s perfectly balanced. Also, make sure to leave adequate space (at least 1 inch) around the washer to avoid any movement during the spin cycle.

Method 2: Reducing the Load in the Washer

Overloading the washer with clothes can result in an unbalanced load, triggering the Ub error code. To rectify this, turn off your washer and remove some items. A good rule of thumb is to fill the drum no more than three-quarters full. For bulky items such as towels or bedding, it might be best to wash them separately or add a few smaller items to balance the load. After reducing the load, restart your Samsung washer and check if the Ub error code persists.

Method 3: Confirming the Washer is Not Stuck

Sometimes, the Ub error code may appear if the washer drum gets stuck due to overloading or tangled clothes. To check this, turn off the washer and manually rotate the drum. If it moves freely without any resistance, it means the washer is not stuck. On the other hand, if the drum doesn’t move or you experience resistance, remove some clothes, untangle them if needed, and try again.

Method 4: Inspecting the Washer for Mechanical Issues

If the above methods haven’t resolved the Ub error code, your Samsung washer may have a mechanical issue. The washer’s suspension rods, which help balance the load during spin cycles, could be worn out or damaged. If you are comfortable with DIY fixes, you can inspect these rods and replace them if necessary. Alternatively, consider hiring a professional to diagnose and fix the problem. Use the Samsung’s official website to find a nearby service center.

Method 5: Resetting Your Samsung Washer to Resolve Ub Error Code

Finally, if the Ub error code still persists, try resetting your Samsung washer. To do this, unplug the machine from the power source, wait for about one minute, then plug it back in. This method forces the washer to reset its system, which might help in resolving minor software glitches triggering the Ub error code.

Conclusion: Maintaining Your Samsung Washer to Avoid Ub Error Code

Fixing the Ub error code on your Samsung washer requires patience and a systematic approach. By following the methods mentioned above, you should be able to resolve the issue and get your washer back on track. Regular maintenance, like not overloading the machine and ensuring it’s balanced, can go a long way in preventing the Ub error code.

Final Thoughts

Dealing with error codes on your washer can be frustrating. However, understanding these codes and knowing how to troubleshoot can save you time and even a hefty repair bill. Remember, if the Ub error code persists even after trying out these methods, it’s best to call in a professional to avoid causing further damage to your washer.


Q: What does the Ub error code mean on my Samsung Washer?

A: The Ub error code usually indicates an ‘Unbalanced Load Error,’ which arises when the washer detects an uneven distribution of clothes inside the drum.

Q: How can I prevent the Ub error code on my Samsung washer?

A: Regular maintenance like not overloading the washer, washing bulky items separately, and ensuring the machine is balanced can help prevent the Ub error code.

Q: What should I do if the Ub error code still appears after trying these methods?

A: If the Ub error code persists, it’s best to seek professional help. You may have a mechanical issue that needs a professional diagnosis and repair.

Q: Can I still use my washer if the Ub error code keeps appearing?

A: No, continuous use of the washer with an unbalanced load can cause damage to the motor and drum. It’s best to fix the issue before further use.

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