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“xinput1_3.dll not found” Explained: 4 Common Causes and How to Resolve Them

The xinput1_3.dll not found is a common issue computer users face when running certain applications or games, especially gamers.

This error can be frustrating as it prevents the program from starting or functioning properly.

This article will explore the four common causes of the xinput1_3.dll not found and provide effective solutions to resolve them.

Cause 1: Missing or Corrupted xinput1_3.dll File

What is the xinput1_3.dll file?

The xinput1_3.dll file is a dynamic link library file that is an essential component of Microsoft DirectX.

It handles input devices, such as game controllers, keyboards, and mice, in Windows-based applications.

How does it get missing or corrupted?

There are several reasons why the xinput1_3.dll file may go missing or become corrupted.

It could be accidental deletion, improper installation or uninstallation of programs, malware infections, or even system errors.

Solution – Reinstalling DirectX

The first step is to reinstall Microsoft DirectX to resolve the xinput1_3.dll not found caused by a missing or corrupted file.

You can download the latest version of DirectX from the official Microsoft website and run the installer.

This step will ensure that the necessary files, including xinput1_3.dll, are properly installed on your system.

Cause 2: Outdated or Incompatible Graphics Drivers

Impact of outdated or incompatible graphics drivers:

Outdated or incompatible graphics drivers can also trigger the xinput1_3.dll not found.

Graphics drivers are crucial for rendering visuals and providing hardware acceleration for games and applications.

When these drivers are updated or compatible, it can lead to conflicts and errors.

Updating graphics drivers manually:

To update your graphics drivers manually, you need to identify the make and model of your graphics card and visit the manufacturer’s website.

Look for the latest drivers compatible with your system and download them. Then, follow the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer to update the drivers.

Using driver update software

Alternatively, you can use driver update software, such as Driver Booster or Driver Easy, to automate updating drivers.

These tools scan your system, identify outdated drivers, and download the latest versions.

It simplifies the task and ensures you have up-to-date and compatible graphics drivers.

Cause 3: Virus or Malware Infection

How do viruses or malware affect xinput1_3.dll?

Viruses and malware can infect and modify system files, including the xinput1_3.dll file. They can either replace the file with a malicious version or delete it entirely, resulting in the xinput1_3.dll not found. It is important to keep your system protected from such threats.

Scanning and removing malware:

Perform a thorough scan of your system using reputable antivirus or antimalware software.

These programs will detect and remove any malicious files present on your computer.

Ensure that your antivirus software is current and perform regular scans to prevent future infections.

Installing antivirus software

Prevention is key when it comes to virus and malware infections. Install reliable antivirus software and keep it updated.

It will provide real-time protection against potential threats and help safeguard your system and files from harm.

Cause 4: Registry Errors

Explanation of registry errors:

The Windows registry is a database that stores important configuration settings and information for the operating system and installed programs.

Registry errors can occur due to improper software installations, incomplete uninstallations, or system crashes.

These errors can lead to issues with DLL files, including xinput1_3.dll.

Using registry cleaner software:

Various registry cleaner software available can automatically scan and fix registry errors.

These tools analyze the registry for invalid or obsolete entries and remove or repair them.

Running a registry cleaner regularly can help prevent xinput1_3.dll not founds caused by registry issues.

Manually fixing registry errors.

If you are comfortable working with the Windows registry, you can manually fix registry errors related to xinput1_3.dll.

However, this process requires caution as modifying the registry incorrectly can cause system instability.

It is recommended to create a registry backup before making any changes and only proceed if you have the necessary knowledge.


The xinput1_3.dll not found can be a frustrating experience for users, but understanding its common causes and having the right solutions at hand can help resolve the issue effectively.

Whether reinstalling DirectX, updating graphics drivers, protecting against malware, or fixing registry errors, following the recommended steps will help eliminate the xinput1_3.dll not found and ensure a smooth computing experience.


Q: Can I fix the xinput1_3.dll not found by downloading the DLL file from a third-party website?

A: It is not recommended to download DLL files from third-party websites as they may be outdated, modified, or infected with malware.

It’s best to obtain the file from a trusted source or reinstall the required software.

Q: How can I check if my graphics drivers are up to date?

A: You can check for graphics driver updates by visiting the manufacturer’s website or using driver update software. These tools will scan your system and notify you of any available updates.

Q: Can a registry cleaner software cause more harm than good? A:

While registry cleaner software can be useful in fixing registry errors, it is important to use reputable and reliable software. Some low-quality or untrustworthy registry cleaners may remove valid entries, leading to system instability. Choose a trusted software and exercise caution.

Q: Is it necessary to have antivirus software installed even if I practice safe browsing habits?

A: Yes, installing antivirus software is crucial for overall system security. Safe browsing habits can minimize the risk, but new and evolving threats can still find their way into your system. Antivirus software provides an additional layer of protection.

Q: Are there any free antivirus software available?

A: Yes, several reputable free antivirus software options are available, such as Avast Free Antivirus and Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition. These programs offer basic protection against malware and viruses, but they may have limitations compared to their paid counterparts.

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