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How To Identify 4 Notorious Errors in the 1968 D Penny

How To Identify 4 Notorious Errors in the 1968 D Penny

Understanding the Basics of the 1968 D Penny

To rightly identify errors in coins, one must have a foundational understanding of the coin itself. The 1968 D Penny, also known as the Lincoln Cent, is a popular coin among collectors. The ‘D’ mark signifies that it was minted in Denver, differentiating it from coins minted at other facilities. Furthermore, the composition of this penny is 95% copper and 5% tin and zinc, giving it a distinctive appearance. As you delve into the world of coin collection, it’s essential to remember that each coin has its intrinsic and extrinsic values, and errors often add considerable value to a coin.

Spotting the Most Common Error: Double Die

The double die error is one of the most common and notorious errors you can find in a 1968 D penny. Essentially, this error arises when the coin die, which imprints an image onto a blank coin, creates a double image due to a shift in alignment. It’s relatively easy to spot a double die error. Carefully examine the coin, especially the date and inscriptions. If you notice a doubled appearance of the inscription or date, it’s likely a double die error. Of course, you’d need a magnifying glass to spot these errors accurately. To further verify, you can refer to coin error databases that have images and descriptions of known errors.

Unfolding the Mystery of the Filled D Error

The filled ‘D’ error is another commonly seen error in the 1968 D Penny. This error is caused by grease or other debris filling the die during minting. Consequently, the coin’s ‘D’ mint mark appears filled or obscured. To identify a filled ‘D’ error, focus on the ‘D’ mint mark. If it appears significantly different from normal 1968 D pennies, such as being filled in or not sharply defined, you may have a filled ‘D’ error.

Identifying the Rare Off-Center Strike Error

The off-center strike error is less common but still noteworthy. This occurs when a coin blank isn’t centered properly during the striking process. As a result, the coin design is misaligned or off-centered. To identify an off-center strike error, examine the alignment of the design on your penny. If it’s not centered within the coin, especially if parts of the image are missing, you potentially hold an off-center strike error penny.

Deciphering the Lesser Known Broadstrike Error

The broadstrike error is the least common error you’ll find in a 1968 D penny. This error happens when a coin is struck without the collar that normally holds the coin in place, causing the coin to spread out or become misshapen. Identifying a broadstrike error requires a keen eye. If your penny appears wider or more spread out than a typical penny, or if its edges are not defined, you might have a broadstrike error penny.

Final Thoughts

Collecting error coins like the 1968 D Penny isn’t just exciting but also rewarding. Although these coins might have been considered worthless during their time, today they can fetch a pretty penny. But remember, the value of these error coins is subjective to the buyer and the market. So, if you find one, consider getting it appraised by a professional to ensure you get its true worth.


1. What is the most common error in a 1968 D Penny?
The most common error is the double die error.

2. How can I tell if my 1968 D Penny has an error?
You need to carefully examine the coin using a magnifying glass or microscope. Look for double images, filled mint marks, or misaligned images.

3. Are error coins valuable?
Yes, error coins can be quite valuable. Each error adds a unique feature to the coin, making it a desirable piece for collectors.

4. Where can I sell my error coins?
There are many online platforms, auction houses, and coin shows where you can sell error coins.

Note: This content is provided by the contributor and may not reflect the views of Always consult a professional numismatist for advice.

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