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How to Quickly Fix Key System Error in Nissan Altima 2019: 5 Effective Steps

How to Quickly Fix Key System Error in Nissan Altima 2019: 5 Effective Steps

Step 1: Check the Nissan Intelligent Key

The first step in troubleshooting the key system error in your Nissan Altima 2019 is to thoroughly check the Nissan Intelligent Key. This key is embedded with an electronic chip that communicates with the car’s ignition system to start the engine. Look for any visible signs of damage such as scratches, cracks, or wear and tear that could hinder its functionality. Furthermore, ascertain that the key is not wet or exposed to moisture as it could cause a short circuit within the key. If you believe that the key has been compromised, it might be best to order a replacement from your dealership or a reputable auto parts supplier.

Additionally, you must also ensure that you are using the correct Intelligent Key assigned to your Nissan Altima. This is because, in some cases, the car might fail to recognize a different key, thereby leading to the key system error. Therefore, always confirm that you have the right key for your vehicle to avoid any confusion.

Step 2: Replace the Intelligent Key Battery

If your Nissan Intelligent Key is in good physical condition but still causing the key system error, it might be due to a depleted battery. Batteries in these keys may last for several years, but they will eventually need replacement. To replace the battery, you would first have to open the key fob using a flat head screwdriver. Typically, the Intelligent Key uses a lithium battery that is readily available at most electronic stores.

After successfully replacing the battery, try to start your Nissan Altima to see if the key system error persists. A new battery should ideally restore the key’s complete functionality, thus solving the problem. However, if the error is still present, move on to the next step.

Step 3: Reset the Car’s Computer System

Another viable solution to the key system error in your Nissan Altima 2019 is to reset the car’s computer system. Allow your car to sit completely idle with all systems powered off for at least 20 minutes. This interval allows the computer system to shut down and reset itself.

After the aforementioned period, attempt to start your car using the Intelligent Key once again. If the key system error is resolved, your car should start without a problem. However, if the error is still present, you may need to proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Check for Software Updates

Your Nissan Altima 2019 uses advanced software to facilitate communication between the Intelligent Key and the ignition system. Sometimes, the key system error can occur due to outdated software. To check for software updates, you can use the car’s central console or refer to your vehicle manual for instructions. Alternatively, you can visit the Nissan’s official website to fetch the latest updates.

Downloading and installing these updates can help rectify any bugs or glitches causing the key system error. If updating the software doesn’t resolve the issue, it is time to consider professional assistance.

Step 5: Seek Professional Assistance

If all the above troubleshooting steps fail to fix the key system error in your Nissan Altima, it’s time to consult a professional. You can take your vehicle to a Nissan dealership or a reputable auto repair shop. Professionals have access to specialized diagnostic tools that can accurately identify the root cause of the problem.

While it might cost more than DIY solutions, seeking professional assistance ensures a thorough remedy for the key system error, restoring your car’s functionality and guaranteeing peace of mind.

Final Thoughts

Fixing a key system error in a Nissan Altima 2019 can be a relatively straightforward process if you keep a cool head and follow the steps outlined above. From checking the Nissan Intelligent Key itself and its battery to resetting the car’s computer system and checking for software updates, these steps cover the most common solutions to this problem. However, if all else fails, do not hesitate to seek professional assistance to avoid further complications.


Q: How often should I replace the battery in my Nissan Intelligent Key?
A: The battery in your Nissan Intelligent Key can last for several years. However, if you notice your car having trouble recognizing the key, consider replacing the battery.

Q: Can I reset the car’s computer system to fix the key system error?
A: Yes, allowing your car to sit idle for at least 20 minutes can help reset the car’s computer system and potentially fix the key system error.

Q: Where can I find the latest software updates for my Nissan Altima 2019?
A: You can check for software updates through your car’s central console, the vehicle manual, or the Nissan’s official website.

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